Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Students:Mason, Sonny, Seddon

Cleaning peoples cars

Plastic bags( from Home) For rubbish
Rags (from home and Whaea lana)
Vinyl spray ( from the warehouse in kaikohe)
Glass cleaning
Vacuum hire

Total cost

Expenses (one off and ongoing)
Poster made out of cardboard and a add.

Total expense

Per product
per car
How much I expect to sell  

Proft?  I find my profit by adding my costs and my expenses together and subtracting it from my income
For example,
I used $  22.50 to pay for all my expenses. I sell each product for  $ 5.00. To make a profit I will need to sell at least 5 washes.

5 times 20 $100

Science experiment

WALT ask questions, find evidence, and carry out  investigations to develop simple explanations.

  1. My purpose ( I wonder what will happen to the eggs when we leave them in a container for a week and mix them with different drinks?)
2. Hypothesis (I think/predict)

I think that the egg will go so rotten
I think that the drinks will make the eggs crack
  • 2. Materials
  • 200ml of coke
  • Red Bull
  • Orange Juice
  • Sparkling water
  • Milk
  • E2 Energy Drink
  • Red Bull Zero
  • Coke Zero
  • water
PH Testing kit and scale
9 Eggs
3. Procedure
We will put 200mls of different drinks into containers.

Wednesday 16/11/17
Today we tried the experiment. So the first thing we did is….

1. We will put 200mls of different drinks into containers.
2. We will put an egg into each container
3. We will care fully Take each egg  out        everyday to see if we notice any changes
4. We might weigh them too
5. We will do this Weds, thurs and friday
6. We might leave them in over the weekend
           (Milk one goes in the fridge)

Monday 20.11.17
Today will crack open the to see what it will look like in the inside and what happened over time.

All so some of the changes are on the Red Bull Drink the shell of the egg is peeling off and the E2 Energy Drink it looks like a alien head.
4. Observation
Today we did our PH test in the different drinks and we had to leave the PH test in the drinks for ten minutes. I did Red Bull and my PH scale showed orange.

Today I noticed that the red bull made the egg's way more fluffier And the milk turned like yogurt which was totally disgusting. The Coke looked like it had burnt and the E2 looked like it had boiled. The orange juice egg dented.

Today The other drink that were so yucky was the Orange Juice and Red Bull but the Orange Juice as dentable
5. Conclusion (what I learned) was that the egg in the Red Bull drinks and the two layers of the shell have been peeling off and that's what it does to your insides.


sports is more impotent then music

I am learning to check my sentences make sense and have capital letters and full stops.

I think that sports is more important than music when you play music you are sitting down. Sports you are running and getting fit not like sitting down all day. If you get fit you can go to the Olympics and win a medal and your mom dad and brother will be proud of you for winning the race. When I was racing my heart  was beating fast as a bolit .

Why I don’t think that music is important.  Because you mostly sit down like playing the drums. Or sitting on couch all day i run up and down our driveway.