Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Air New Zealand Safety Tips

BLOG TASK: Share a post with your top three safety tips for flying. Also share where you got these tips from and which safety video is your favourite! Be creative - animation, stop motion, film...anything. Go Wild. I really enjoyed creating this with V.J. I don't think we really had our safety messages come through strongly, but I am happy with what we accomplished in the time given as not many of our class finished. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Plastic Pollution

I think that plastic should banned because it's a bad environment for our planet it
could fill up our landfills and get worse and worse So we need to fix this problem by making
factories to crush them up And melt  it and clean it to be turned into new plastic,
So that's why I think that we should Empty our landfills and take the landfills to the factories
to be turned into new plastics that's why we should have a better world
So let's fix this to become a better planet for this environment So the sea life can have a
better life without all the plastic and the Pacific Ocean patch doesn't heart our marine life.

The reason why I think that plastic should be banned it is because the animal could eat a
micro plastic and another animal can eat that animal and we could end up eating the animal
that ate the other animal  so that's why I think that plastic should be band.

humans can get sick from eating the fish that have micro beads in it,
They could get sick pretty bad from this plastic So that's why she go to this big Pacific

patch Then get all those plastic out of there so I marine life can have a better life  and get the
plastic out of all the garbage patch things.

Is a place to takes 500 To 300 years to  breakdown So that's why We should ban plastic
so we can stop this environment right now.