Friday, March 31, 2017

possum problem

I am learning to go back into the text to find answers

  1. Title of the book too many possums What text type is your book (narrative, recount, explanation, article, poetry)? recountWhat is your book mostly about? possumsIn Australia do possums have predators? yesWhy are dingoes dangerous to possums? Because they will eat themWhy don’t possums eat the leaves and seeds of Australian plants? PricklesWhy are possums a problem for New Zealand plants? They eat our fruit treesWhy are possums a problem for New Zealand birds? Because they brake birds eggs  Why are possums a problem for New Zealand farmers? Because they will eat their plantsWhat are some things people are doing to try and solve the possum problem? Kill them with poison and traps to try catch possums in New Zealand and Australia.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My persuasive writing. I am learning to check my own work and make it make sense.

I do not think we should take all of our rubbish to the dump because we could use it for stuff. Beer glass can be turned into sand and sand turns into glass. You can use car metal cardboard and wood. Metal can make stuff move and metal can be a car frame. Wood can be for a house and it can be for a go cart. You can use wood for a seat. Cardboard you can use this for a ramp for toy cars. You can use plastic you can use them for containers. So i do not think we should take all of our rubbish to the dump.        

Sunday, March 19, 2017

My unedited Waitangi recount

We went to waitangi on friday. We all lined up to hop in the bus and then we went to waitangi.
And then when we got there we saw the wakas after the wakas we went to the museum there were old guns in the museum and there were touch screens and a green stone and there were pictures next we went to the flag staff and we ate lunch after lunch after we went in to the treaty house and after the house we went in to the marie and then we went for a swim and after a swim we went back to school.

My writing goals are:
  • Add more detail to my ideas (describe what I thought, felt and saw)
  • Understand where full stops should go and always begin sentences with capital letter.