Thursday, August 23, 2018

Around the World - Statistics

We are learning how to use Google Earth to fly to different world cities and find out their population.  We are collating our data on Google Sheets and learning how to insert our data into a table. We are learning how to add titles to our tables and to the horizontal and vertical axis.

How many countries did you find out the population for? 14
What was the difference in populations from highest to lowest?
Mexico City to Dunedin
Which City had the highest population?Mexico City
Which City had the lowest population?Dunedin

Which City would you like to live in?Mexico City

cross country

On a hot tragic day we had cross country me and my year group lined up to race whaea rosina said ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO!!!!!!! I was jogging and my knees was so sore I felt like dying but I never that's the good news the teachers were like RUN RUN RUN!!!! The funny part was that I stopped running. When I got around the corner then my legs started to boost off after Janell but than she beat me.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Survey Results

Today we used google forms to create a survey as part of our statistics unit.  Together we asked questions and sent the link to our class.  This is what I found out.