Thursday, July 26, 2018

My Holidays

In the holidays, I stayed home and played Fortnite. I know right? boringgggg! But it’s a pretty
cool game.
There is a battle pass where you can get cool skins and emotes. Emotes means dances. There is
also challenges you can do when you want to level up.
There's also an item shop, so if you want to buy skins or emotes,
while playing the game, you can. You can get an insane amount of kills if you go into Tilted Towers.
if you dont know what that is, it's like a little city that a lot of people go to, well nearly everyone who
plays Fortnite.
Oh and there is a storm if you go into it, it will take off hp (health). If you don't have enough hp you
could die and go back to the lobby. The storm gets smaller and smaller and the more smaller it goes
the more hp it will take from you. If there's two more players left that means it’s a 1v1
BUT if you win you get a Victory Royale. Which means you win out of like 100 other people.