Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Air New Zealand Safety Tips

BLOG TASK: Share a post with your top three safety tips for flying. Also share where you got these tips from and which safety video is your favourite! Be creative - animation, stop motion, film...anything. Go Wild. I really enjoyed creating this with V.J. I don't think we really had our safety messages come through strongly, but I am happy with what we accomplished in the time given as not many of our class finished. I hope you enjoy.


  1. Hi Seddon I really like how the plane in your animation was a air New Zealand one and I really enjoyed watching your animation! :D

  2. Awesome animation seddon I really like the way you put it together and all of the things you used. :]

  3. Kiora Seddon what a great animation keep up the good work :D

  4. Mōrena Seddon,
    Great work on your animation with VJ. You have been very creative and shared your tips in a great way. How do you think you could make your safety messages come through stronger?
    Ngā mihi

  5. Kia ora Seddon, what a great animation you have created! I loved the detail you put into the backgrounds of each scene. I'm also very glad to see that everyone survived the crash and the boat came to pick them up. I really hope you will use your creativity when completing activities from the Summer Learning Journey programme this summer. I am sure you would be able to make some amazing animations about the world around us. Looking forward to seeing more great work from you. Ka pai Seddon. Cheers, Georgia